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Changzhou necessary tent co., LTD

Changzhou Hongjiang Tent Co., Ltd

Changzhou tent co., LTD is a professional engaged in awning room for necessary design、Production、Sales、The lease、Installation of integrated company。My company was founded in2012Years,Strong town is located in the famous national industry——Changzhou remote town;Factory transportation is convenient,Cover an area of an area5000Square meters。"Awning room"Alternative housing construction is a certain sense and the existence of solutions of a kind of space。The robustness of tent products、Diversity、Flexibility and disassembling transportation convenience,Determine its wide range of USES and promising。Usually can be used for outdoor exhibition tent、The wedding reception、Etiquette celebration、The opening is based、The size of the stores、The annual meeting of the party、Outdoor activities、Warehousing industry、Sports events、Cargo customs clearance、Temporary restaurants、The conference room、Waiting room, etc。Changzhou necessary tent co., LTD
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Changzhou necessary tent co., LTD
The main body of awning room planning consists of two parts,A plan for the aluminum alloy body,Secondly, awning room inside。In fact are often equipped with other form a complete set of equipment for all kinds of theme activities。
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Changzhou necessary tent co., LTD
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Production side,Our company can produce40Thousands of square meters single awning room,Accept it3-40M span awning room foreign trade orders,Unlimited length,Tent frame for the aluminum alloy structure for aluminum or steel structure。The lease,My company's inventory6M2) aluminum alloy tent,Accept it6M、10M、15M、18M、21M、25Tent rental for m span the order,High side3/4/5M is optional。

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